The Adessium Foundation, headquartered in Holland with over thirteen years’ track record, commissioned a study in 2015 to analyse the state of the marine environment around the Balearic Islands and the threats it faces

The study concluded that there were favourable circumstances and a great opportunity to make the Balearic Islands a benchmark for the world in marine conservation.

The results were presented on all the islands and the proposal was well received by many sectors. Thus, Adessium decided to back this new initiative. In 2016, an advisory board was set up with representatives from all the islands and sectors to help guide the process.

In the summer of 2017, the Marilles Foundation was launched.

Meet our team



A marine biologist and environmental economist with over 15 years’ professional experience in the UK. He has devoted his professional career to improving the environment through diverse fields such as education, the economy and designing campaigns and projects.


An audiovisual communicator with experience in the media. In recent years she has been working independently to stimulate local projects related to ecological agriculture and nutrition.