National Geographic film


“2030, we changed”, Manu San Félix documentary by National Geographic, tells the transformation of the Mediterranean Sea in the last 50 years. We have gone from having a spectacular sea, full of sharks, turtles, seals, lobsters and much more, to worry about the loss of biodiversity and the quality of water. The film wants to inspire a reaction in time because in the near future, in 2030, the Mediterranean Sea is again full of life and with health thanks to the projects of marine protection.

Manu San Félix is a marine biologist, professional dive and underwater image director for National Geographic documentaries. From the island of Formentera, where he lives and is at the head of the center Vellmarí, he is in the last phase of the realization of the film.

According to San Félix “the film will show what we had before with testimonials from local fishermen and very significant anecdotes in the field of artisanal fishing.”

DONATION: 50.000€