National Geographic film


Manu San Félix, marine biologist and National Geographic Explorer, accompanied by other experts in marine conservation, embarks on a trip with the objective of analyzing the problems of the Spanish Mediterranean and finding possible solutions for his recovery.

“Save our Mediterranean” tells the transformation of the Mediterranean Sea in the last 50 years. We have gone from having a spectacular sea, full of sharks, turtles, seals, lobsters and much more, to worry about the loss of biodiversity and the quality of water.

With this production, Manu San Félix and National Geographic launch a message of hope and contribute to the awareness of the audience to react in time and reverse the situation in the Mediterranean. On his trip he meets prestigious scientists and experts such as Pierre Yves Cousteau, son of Jacques Cousteau; Carlos Duarte, Enric Sala or the Andalusian chef Ángel León.

Manu San Félix is a marine biologist, professional dive and underwater image director for National Geographic documentaries. From the island of Formentera, where he lives and is at the head of the center Vellmarí, he is in the last phase of the realization of the film that will premiere exclusively on the National Geographic television channel in June.

DONATION: 50.000€