The wealth of the Balearic Sea

The Balearic Sea is home to great diversity, a wealth of habitats, and marine species that are as yet unknown.

The Marilles Foundation for the conservation of the Balearic Sea publishes a study that analyses the number of new species discovered in this sea over the last fifty years. This study reminds us that the Balearic Sea is still one of the best preserved regions in the Mediterranean. Even so, there is a lot yet to be discovered and part of this wealth is under threat and requires protection.

The results from the study show that in the Balearic Sea:

  • Since 1996 there have been 18 species discovered that are new to science. Five of them are species of fish.
  • Over the last fifty years, 68 new species have been detected, many of them invasive ones.
  • In recent decades, nine species have become extinct.
  • Today there are 78 species whose status is endangered, critically endangered or vulnerable.