The regional workshop organized in Palma by MedPAN, the network of managers of Marine Protected Areas of the Mediterranean (MPAs) has come to an end. The aim of the different work sessions was to exchange experiences and propose solutions to the challenges presented by MPAs and artisanal fisheries in the Mediterranean.

In this context, Aniol Estebal, director of the Marilles Foundation, participated in a session to discuss the financing challenges faced by MPAs in the Mediterranean and abroad. He did it together with Purificació Canals (MedPAN), Charles Besançon (Conservation Finance Alliance) and Romain Renoux (M2PA, Monaco). The different exhibitions discussed the sources of funding at the international level, new financing mechanisms and the role played by local and regional networks in the mobilization of economic resources.


Some attendees contributed ideas and took part in the debate and, together, a clear conclusion was reached: to improve the funding of Mediterranean MPAs, it is first necessary to know how much money is needed. That is why the Marilles Foundation is committed to making a better assessment of the funds that are really needed to manage MPAs in the Balearic Islands in an optimal way.

This and other conclusions that have emerged during the three days of the workshop will be taken into account in the joint strategy of transatlantic MPA networks, as well as in MedPAN’s new financial strategy.