Mapping marine environmental education resources in the Balearics

Marilles Foundation has commissioned a study to map the marine environmental resources and activities existing in the Balearic islands. From now until the end of the year three environmental education experts will map who does what in each one of the islands. It is expected that the results of the study including list of resources, organisations and description of activities offered will be published in early 2019.

The study responds to the need to compile all the existing information and make it accesible to anyone willing to promote marine environmental education in the Balearics. Findings of the study will provide very valuable information to develop a strategy to deliver one of our key priorities: promote marine environmental education in the Balearics. The Marine Education LAB is a working group bringing together different players to find joint solutions to this challenge.

600 students of schools from Ibiza participated last year in the Sea Week of the Sant Antoni Nautical Club, one of the activities in marine environmental education that is having more success in the Balearic Islands.