The Marilles Foundation, a non-profit organization for the conservation of the Balearic Sea, has created the first Fund to improve the marine protected areas (AMPs) of the Balearic Islands. AMPs are an essential tool for the improvement of the marine environment. Its improvement is one of the strategic priorities of Marilles and a key step for converting the Balearics into a world reference in marine conservation.

Open to other donors

The fund is open to contributions from other potential donors, from both international / national and Balearic foundations. The fund is created with an initial amount of € 200,000, a significant amount but much lower than the level of investment required, especially in a context where the protected area grows faster than the available resources.

After two years analyzing the Balearic context, the diagnosis elaborated by Marilles and validated by multiple actors points to the lack of financing as the main reason that limits the potential of marine protected areas to improve the habitats and marine species of the Balearic Islands and thereby providing multiple benefits to society and the Balearic economy.

According to Aniol Esteban, director of the Marilles Foundation "The improvement of marine areas is key to improving the state of the Balearic Sea. We have the opportunity to strengthen the leadership that the Balearics are assuming in the conservation of the marine environment, but for this we need a better financing, both from the public and private sectors. We create this fund with the ambition to add additional resources and supports. We invite all lovers of the Balearic Islands to join this initiative. If the fund grows, so will the wealth of our seas ".

Those interested can consult the call: