Strategic aims

  • A stable number of fishermen making a decent living (e.g. benefiting from a sustainable income and greater profitability from their catch).
  • A fishing fleet committed to action plans for sustainable management of fishing (e.g. using certification systems, taking up low-impact fishing techniques, etc.).
  • Trawlers refraining from fishing in vulnerable marine areas (i.e. the continental shelf and in forbidden habitats such as sea grass meadows, beds of coral, maerl, etc.) and complying with regulations.
  • Artisanal fishermen complying with regulations (length of equipment, time under water, no contact with the sea bed).
  • Drawing up effective steps to apply and check on compliance with the regulations, and establishing them solidly.
  • Highly prized fish and seafood from the Balearics and recognition for the islands’ commitment to sustainability.