Strategic aims

  • Boating continuing to be an economically significant sector both within the Balearic Islands and as part of the range of tourism on offer. However, there should be a stable number of boats and moorings, including dry docks, in suitable locations.
  • Raising awareness among the boats’ skippers and crews sailing around the Balearic Islands about the posidonia meadows and about their vulnerable habitats. Posidonia habitats should be included in official documents and digitalised nautical charts.
  • A good network of mooring points and ecological buoys, with monitoring, surveillance and control systems.
  • New ports should not be developed, nor the existing ones extended. Levels of urban construction should be restricted in coastal areas as of 2018.
  • Establishing an Island Plan for Coastal Zones to coordinate the spatial planning and management of the coastal areas by the different administrative bodies involved.
  • Steps taken to reduce the risk of invasive species spreading from boats.